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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 20, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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95. you could find rain and sleet pellets mixed in. let's get our first check of the roads with kim brown. >> thankfully the beltway is looking clearer than it was last night. the earlier water main break at wilkins avenue has since been cleared away. traffic is moving nicely and has been reopened. bosley avenue, you'll see the right two lanes taken away because of a water main break there. cold spring lane, traffic is flowing freely in both directions. jamie and megan, back to you. thanks, kim. all lanes of the baltimore beltway are back open after a water main break caused huge traffic problems. the breaks shut down three lanes of the outer loop, but crews determined they only had to resurface a section of the highway surface that continued overnight. the broken 12-inch water main ran from one side of the highway
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to the other side. crews providing emergency care in haiti say they're hopeful, but frustrated about delays keeping them from getting much-needed medical supplies. a plane carrying 12-tons of medical equipment was turned away three times. partners in health care say thousands die every day that could be saved by surgery. crowds in port-au-prince has grown so large that it is
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interfering with work doctors are doing there to try to save lives. the search continues at this hour for the man accused of gunning down eight people in central virginia. apamatics, this unfolded around 4 ook :00 yesterday afternoon. police have identified at suspect at 39-year-old christopher sprite and they believe he shot and killed his victims, and police then found seven of the bodies in one home. more than 100 law enforcement are in virginia searching for this guy. they believe he is still alive. they say there is no known motive. let's take a look. maryland governor martin o'malley has outlined his plan to balance the budget. >> linda sow has the details on what's being cut and what's not. linda? >> well, megan, the cuts aren't as drastic as some feared. state services and jobs were
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largely feared. o'malley outlines his budget proposal on tuesday. many feared deep cuts, layoffs and more. he plans to use accounting maneuvers to fill the budget gap. some say it's a ploy to get through the election year, once that's over, expect to see your taxes go up. >> it's fund transfers that aren't ongoing cuts, shifting operating budget into the capital budget and taking federal stimulus dollars are all a bad prescription that may serve to get the administration past november election, but will be destructive to maryland's long-term fiscal health. >> what's going to happen when it comes to college tuition and aid to local governments? those answers all coming up in our next half hour. in the studio, linda sow, abc2 news. tonight the independent voice of massachusetts has spoken. >> how about this?
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massachusetts republican scott brown has defeated democrat martha coakley to take away the senate seat held for decades by the late senator ted kennedy. republicans will give a 41st vote giving a better chance of striking down proposals. it'll exceedingly difficult for democrats. cleared the senate and the house and we're only touching part of this story. we have it all covered here for you this morning, along with good morning america at 7:00. she tipped the scales at nearly 300 pounds. >> doctors told her if things didn't change she would die. >> that was the day i decided to do something. >> we're going to share the story of how this woman shed over 100 pounds. although the ravens football season is over, expect to see more of michael oehr. we'll tell you about that. >> 5:04 we're looking outside
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right now. i mentioned that we have a band of light rain, even sleet pellets mixed in on the south side of the city. not expecting too much of a problem out there. we'll have to watch the bridges and overpasses which could get slippery. be careful on the south side this morning. otherwise, we're looking at skies that should turn partly sunny this afternoon. much cooler this afternoon. let's go to the mta and see what mark jones has. >> for your commute start, slippery conditions slowing buses up a bit. do allow extra time for travel if you travel by bus. number 16 and 64, those buses are taking a diversion at patapsco and temp. number 1 bus and the number 64 with a diversion at hanover and fort. light rail metro subway on time and the marc trains are moving about on time for service on the camden, penn and brunswick lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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all right, something really interesting here. cool front slipped through the area, now sitting on the side of baltimore city. this band of orange and yellow here, the higher echoes return from our doppler radar. temperatures are border line, but just above the freezing mark. definitely an issue as this stuff is becoming persistent on the out side. pink and purple, as you can see, we have sleet mixed in here on this boundary sitting just south of baltimore. it is slowly trying to ooze its way off towards the south. anne arundel county, howard county, into the eastern shore.
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you'll have to deal with this thing for the next couple hours. check out the temperatures. 34 easton and baltimore. with the skies clearing uh, it's dropped down to 20 in york, pennsylvania. this colder air, more widespread ice expected in our forecast, we'll talk about in a couple minutes. it is 5:10 now. here's kim brown. crews worked all night last night on that water main break on the outer loop, wilkins avenue. got it cleared about 4:30 this morning. when you travel the outer loop, clear traffic, no problems, all the lanes have been reopened. we still have water main break repair happening in the towson area. the two right lanes continue to be taken away because of repairs. aside from that, looking pretty good around the area. no problems on 95 or the southbound lanes of harrisburg expressway. pratt and president street, it's very quiet. back to you. homes in the california hills are beautiful but unfortunately heavy rains have made them dangerous to stay in
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options. abc2 news linda sow introduces us to a local woman who turned her life around thanks to a new weight loss surgery. >> reporter: at her heaviest, betty weighed 288 pounds. this sure shows what she looked like. >> this is the dress i was wearing in this picture. which, is, big. >> reporter: that was just last summer. since then, betty has lost 100 pounds. being overweight is something she struggled with her entire life. when her health got worse, she knew something had to change. >> i finally was diagnosed um, a year ago in april with high blood pressure and needed to be put on medicine. that was the day i finally decided i have to do something. >> reporter: what betty did was get help from doctors who recommended gastric bypass. she wanted to lose the weight but wanted a minimally invasive
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procedure. >> the incision is typically 8 inches to 12 inches long with surgery, the risk of getting an infection or hernia in that area is higher. >> reporter: this dr. performed the procedure on betty. >> when we say laparoscopic surgery, we're talking about a camera, a videoscopic camera and ports that go through the abdominal wall to access the inside of the abdomen. >> reporter: not only are there fewer complications with this surgery, but recovery time is faster. you only have to stay in the hospital about two or three days and don't have to take as many medications. >> she's more bubbly and more active. she comes very highly motivated. >> reporter: motivation that's changed her life. that dress she used to wear is the one thing she holds onto as a reminder. >> i use it for a nightgown now.
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i do swim in it. it falls off my shoulders. it's my reminder. i don't ever want to go back there again. 5:16. look at yesterday's temperature. 58 degrees. oh that was a nice day. and it's gone. i mean, we were 60 southeast virginia, 30s in western pennsylvania. that's going to win out. that's the reality check. it's january. just a matter of time until we get back to cooler numbers. it's going to get here. wednesday the 20th of january. 41 in the afternoon. we've had this bonus of 50-degree days. we had four 50-degree days in the last week, it's about to end. 34 is where we sit right now. cool front sliding through.
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bringing in the arctic return. it'll get colder the next couple days. this little sliver of precipitation barely shows up here. yesterday there was rain and sleet mixed in on the south side of baltimore. temperatures have been warm for the last few days. that's saving us right now. we are in the mid-30s uh, but there could be a possibility if this picks up, there may be slick spots on bridges and overpasses. we'll continue to track that for you. kim brown will be the first to let you know if there's anything rough out there. there's more going on back towards the west. big storm. is this part of the latest storm pattern that hit california. ice in iowa. rain from st. louis and southbound. this storm heads into our cold air mass. it gets interesting, little waves of energy, by tomorrow morning, something passing down towards our south, but the next storm that actually tries to push through here, will develop snow across the virginia mountains around midnight from thursday to friday. yesterday we were talking about
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the chance of ice moving in. there's still that chance through tomorrow night and into friday morning. is this one of many computer models trying to keep the bulk of the moisture to our south. i think it'll sneak closer to home. we have a shot of having ice and snow to deal with into friday. for today, 43. light sleet and rain to the south side, including baltimore city and columbia southbound through anne arundel county. we should see clearing into the afternoon and a high of 43 degrees. we're back to about 29 for tonight. we'll check out the weekend forecast coming up in just a bit. it is the 20th of january. how about we do birthdays for you. we're saying happy birthday to some celebrities. ah! comedian and political commentator bill mar has stuff to talk about today. his birthday, 54. country musician john michael montgomery is 45. and actress stacey dash from the movie clueless is
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44. >> she looks good there. >> if you know somebody celebrating a birthday, send in a picture to us. we'd like to share it with everybody here in maryland. we have our weekend forecast coming up in just a bit. we'll check on the roads with kim brown. we have building volume in the southbound lanes of the harrisburg expressway, right around middletown road. pretty much a smooth ride to the top side of the beltway. outer loop, you see volume picking up just a bit. we are running freely around the beltway. no problems there. wilkins avenue, overnight water main break situation has been cleared up, all the lanes have been reopened. southbound on 95 through white marsh boulevard, headed towards the 695, 895 split, traffic is starting to build there as well. only thing to let you know about, ongoing water main break repair, york road at bosley avenue, two right lanes continue
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to be taken away. kim, thank you. it's now 5:20. let's go to socal. southern california evacuations going on. rain has concentrated the ground so much that homes could literally be washed away. i looked out the window and there was this just roar of water. it was really fast water. >> about 200 hillside homes could be affected by this. police officers and fire crews have even gone door-to-door telling families to get out of their homes. 5:20 right now: new orleans arson investigators say whoever set a woman on fire while she slept in her apartment will face attempted murder charges. unfortunately the woman was the only fire victim in that case, she's having a hard time. >> children in the house too, and a baby. three other children. >> the apartment owner says a
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16-year-old who was pregnant managed to put the fire out. the woman who police believe was the target is listed in serious condition. two other children were able to get out okay. police are now following several leads in this case. after abc news anchor robin roberts found their daughter ester in haiti one family has returned to iowa and now they're complete this morning. >> matt and mandy's flight touched down last night. two other families were there who adopted children from haiti and today all the kids are safe. >> it's been a fantastic trip. i'm not sure a week ago we'd have ever thought we'd accomplish what we had. >> iowa senator tom hankin helped out ester get an emergency visa. the embassy was able to secure visas for four other children already in the adoption process. the usns comfort is set to arrive today in haiti. >> more help from maryland is on
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(announcer) general mills is the only leading cereal company to put healthy whole grain in every box. the choice has never been easier. for whole grain guaranteed, just look for the white check. 5:44. we have ourselves a light band of rain and sleet on the south side this morning. we should see sun develop in the afternoon. cool air pushes through. temperatures up to 43 in baltimore. probably stay in the upper 30s north and west of the beltway. tomorrow looking for flurries in the morning. ice trying to move in. i think sleet and freezing rain
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tomorrow night in through friday morning. friday itself, chance of some wintry weather, including sleet and snow as the storm system recharges off the coast. next chance of weather will be rain on sunday night into monday. 5:25, let's go to new york and get this morning's tech bytes. in today's tech bytes, microsoft says it will release an emergency patch to fix a flaw in internet explorer as soon as possible. it's believed to have allowed chinese hackers to launch a cyber attack against google and 20 other companies. microsoft is also addressing privacy concerns about its search engine bing. responding to a request from the european union, it will now keep users information from search results for only six months, down from 18. the change makes bing a better
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change for those worried about privacy. apps aren't just for smartphones anymore. the jaw bone icon is a new bluetooth ear piece that let's you talk hands free, dictate text messages and have a website read aloud to you. >> it can actually get software updates and get better over time. so it's sort of a better investment for $100, instead of just getting one device that doesn't change, every time you plug this one into your computer, you can add different apps to it to make it smarter and more functional. >> reporter: you can read katie's review on the wall street journal website. finally, valentine's day candy sweethearts are getting a makeover. tweet me and text me will appear on the candy this year. the company that made sweethearts held an online
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contest for messages most popular. there'll be phrases such as puppy love, sweet pea, and love me. for more on these stories, log onto the technology page of those are your tech bytes, i'm eric hong.
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we have seen babies born, teens pulled out of rubble alive today. all of this is happening, we'll see the live now of a 69-year-old woman saved and it's truly a miracle. >> what a job you did last night during our red cross telethon. if we could kiss each and every one of you, megan would. >> i would. absolutely. safeway now closed on west pratt, not enough shoppers. that's the reason you have to shop eew


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